Elena van der Veer


Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch father and a Mexican mother, at the age of six I came to live in Guadalajara becoming a Mexican national. I was always very proud to arrive in this beautiful, warm country, full of life and of cousins, Mother of two Chavos, first career designer and psychotherapist and second career mental health counselor, always restless living in different parts of Mexico so my children have always been very close to the sea, of course, we love water sports and music in the mornings, I laugh and in the afternoons I attend to my patients, usually on the weekends I give workshops for teenagers and I give prevention talks in annexes. I love being a mom (But they are already great)

On the other hand, I have pets that I love as children and a boyfriend that I love very much. I always try to be in the community to promote and generate agents of change for our people.